Kimberly Ash

I am Kimberly, a busy mom of three, a wife, a teacher and an all around lover of sweets! If you don't find me in the kitchen baking, you can definitely find me spending time with my energetic family at the lake! 

I love coffee, decorating, travel, holidays and bucket lists. Coffee is the reason to wake up early, even if I do put more creamer in my cup than I do coffee.

I will decorate anything, rooms, lawns, parties, cakes, all of it. And then I will do it all over again. It's definitely an addiction! Sorry husband.

I love to travel! My favorite trip so far is Disneyland & Newport beach with my family last summer. We plan to do another trip to Cali in our (hopefully) renovated vintage camper! Doesn't camping on the beach sound AMAZing?

Oh my, am I a sucker for the holidays! They involve so many of my favorite things! Decorating, baking the sweets and lists! That leads me to my obsession with bucket lists. I make them for everything, cooking, holidays, vacations, cleaning. They are like a condensed goal list. Nothing feels quite like checking off a list!

That's it for here, follow me to learn more and maybe have a little fun along the way!

About Kimberly Ash

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