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A Wyoming Wedding Portrait Re-do ~ Chauntel & Nathaniel

Recreating Wedding Bliss

Chauntel & Nathaniel were married earlier this year in February but they weren’t able to capture their day so they contacted me with the hopes that they could get some wedding photos and I couldn’t wait to serve them! I love their story! A marriage that is so obviously strong just radiates from their images. It’s not something that we create, it’s something we capture.

These two laughed so much! I didn’t have to prompt or pull out any emotion from them, it just flowed out naturally. You can see from the way Nathaniel looks at his wife that he adores her. And her eyes fill with emotion when she looks at him. How could you not be inspired by them? I sure am.

Chauntel’s bouquet was made out of a book by her new sister-in-laws! How special is it that she has that keepsake? Can you tell which book it is from the images? I bet you can if you look close enough. They both wore their wedding attire for this shoot and Chauntel even said her gown fits better now than on her wedding day! It was a great day to shoot these for them.

I had a blast with these two and I am so glad we got to capture their wedded bliss for all time.

September 2, 2020

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